Friday, October 3, 2008

Zoomed Bunc Bike Map

Bicycle Map Pic

Well for the most part I think I am through with my map until I get to print it in class. I tweaked it a little bit over the past few days but I feel like I learned quite a bit while making this map. The annotation layer was the newest item to get used to but I am even starting to feel a little comfortable with it. I even through trail and error figured out how to copy and paste my road symbols. I found out when you copy and paste it just pastes the symbol over top over the original symbol, so all you have to do is click on the symbol and drag the newly pasted symbol to wherever you want to. I'm still not really happy with my color scheme of my title, legend and reference bar. Oh well, maybe I can tweak than next class.

I did also find some interesting news through a contact Pete introduced to me that works for the Buncombe County GIS Dept. I have been working with her to try to get the .shp files of the Bent Creek Trails on the 911 CAD map. She has been very helpful and we are progressing nicely. I did talk to her this week and she told me to look on the Bunc. County GIS web site, that they had just put the trails on the site within the centerline data of the streets. Low and behold when I pulled up the streets there they were. Cool. There are even some of the trails on the downloadable Bunc. County centerline data, but not all of them. Look forward to seeing everyone's map on tuesday, so I can see what I can do to improve mine. Alot of smart, talented people in the class and I am still a little intimidated by you guys, but it has made it great learning enviornment. So thanks.