Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bicycle Map

Just got through with my rough draft of my bicycle map. Now I got to study a little bit for the test tonight. (Missed last week).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mapping Batch Geocode

Sometimes you have to be careful what you learned in class, it just might suck you into a black hole as it did me this past week. I was asked at the end of last week if I could do a report for the fire department I work for which would give the data of how many runs we have had in the Cliff's development this year. The light bulb clicked almost immediately. I could create a crystal report giving the addresses of our runs in our district 2, which is where the cliffs is located. I could then take that report and export it to an excel file. I then copied that excel file and pasted it in the program Pete had shared with us last week, batchgeocode.com. The batch geocode.com did not like that I had enter 600 addresses it said no more than 500 should be entered. So I went back and copied 500 and enter those. It ran very quickly until it got to #400 and then it went to a crawl. It finally finished up and I had my x & Y data enter that data into a map I had already started creating and away we went. My next problem was getting the street labels to look clean. I never did quite accomplish that. Attached you will see my unfinished product. Maybe I will learn more tonight to clean up this project.